Commit 596ee7e0 authored by Jared Mauch's avatar Jared Mauch
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Merge branch 'master' into 'master'

Support DESTROOT and build on Mac OS X

See merge request !1
parents fa50d657 c97069d0
......@@ -54,13 +54,13 @@ register:
grep SYSM_VERS config.h | mail -s"Sysmon Registration"
install: all
@echo "installing into @bindir@"
-mkdir -p @bindir@
-mv @bindir@/sysmond @bindir@/sysmond.old
-mv @bindir@/sysmon @bindir@/sysmon.old
cp sysmon sysmond @bindir@
@echo "creating directory @sysconfdir@"
-mkdir -p @sysconfdir@
@echo "installing into $(DESTROOT)@bindir@"
-mkdir -p $(DESTROOT)@bindir@
-mv $(DESTROOT)@bindir@/sysmond $(DESTROOT)@bindir@/sysmond.old
-mv $(DESTROOT)@bindir@/sysmon $(DESTROOT)@bindir@/sysmon.old
cp sysmon sysmond $(DESTROOT)@bindir@
@echo "creating directory $(DESTROOT)@sysconfdir@"
-mkdir -p $(DESTROOT)@sysconfdir@
-strip @PROGS@
......@@ -391,7 +391,7 @@ void do_ack(struct clientstatus *client, char *buff)
if (client->authlvl <= 0)
sendline(client->filedes, "444 Permission Denied");
return 0;
strncpy(objname, buff+4, 127);
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